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Photos from rehearsals in Winter 2016 and Winter 2017

gifts is Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance's latest work-in-progress, Featuring dancers Katie Dean and Kelsey Kramer.

gifts explores the deeply potent yet always fleeting nature of pleasure as time gives and takes away the new possibilities for peace.

A journey of textures, tastes, sounds, smells, and images, gifts features live music composed by Hans Bilger and will premier in Fall 2018 as part of Cora Dance's 20th Anniversary Season.



Photos by Steve Pisano

common dances

After three years in development, Shannon Hummel’s COMMON DANCES premiered in September 2015 featuring 18 short works, repeatedly performed in over 30 locations throughout Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Each dance, though small in scale, is the ticket to intimate spaces. Equal parts dance “scavenger hunt” and self-guided walking tour COMMON DANCES is Hummel’s love letter to the entire neighborhood and its people.

Inspired by the ordinary, beautiful moments of loss, love, struggle, surprise, forgiveness and resolution that we all share, COMMON DANCES takes place on living room couches, park benches, at dining room tables, in church pews, bars, restaurant booths, hallways and even inside of cars.

Each 3-7 minute gem is an invitation to get to know all parts of the community on a broad, yet personal scale. From the hallways of NYCHA's massive public housing to the breathtaking waterfront of Red Hook, COMMON DANCES challenges audiences to explore and treasure the entire Red Hook community, through its people and their stories - up close and personal. 

Choreography: Shannon Hummel in collaboration with the performers 

Performers: Performers: Cora Dance Company Members: Kelly Bartnik, Sarah Burke, Katie Dean, Solomon Goodwin, Nadia Tykulsker; Supporting cast: Yancy Greene, Megan Harrold, Angelic Ortiz, Karen Ross, AJ Sharp, Isabel Umali; Guest Performers: Stephanie Batchelder, Cynthia Thompson, Carolyn Hall, and members of the Cora Youth Company: Mykie Laidlow, Dontae McCoy, Phoebe Pfaffman, Claire Sifton, Mateo Vidals. Music credits and a full list and map of all locations and community partners available upon request.

Made possible through the generous support of The Puffin Foundation; the New York State Council on the Arts Re-grant Program (administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council); the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs; the office of Councilman Carlos Menchaca; and by the significant support of Cora’s individual contributors.


Down Here

Premier: 2013, The Cora Studio. Restaged in 2015 at BAM/Brooklyn Academy of Music

Performed by Katie Dean and Calia Marshall, down here is a dance of attachments existing because of, in spite of and within the compromises we make to survive working together. down here makes visible, with the help of hundreds of tiny silver dolls, the little scars we leave on one another in our pursuit of control. At its core, it is simply about relationships; to each other, to outside forces we cannot control and to our own power to knowingly and unknowingly harm and heal.



Phase 1 Premier: 2008, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Phase 2 Premier: 2009, Brooklyn Museum of Art and James Madison University's Latimer Schaeffer Theater

Phase 3 Premier: 2011, The Visitation of the Blessed Version Mary Church, Coffey Park and surrounding sites in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Choreography: Shannon Hummel in collaboration with the performers
Phase 1 & 2 performers: Xan Burley, Galois Cohen, Donna Costello, Kelly Bartnik, Calia Marshall, Tara O'Con, Katie Orthwein, Jessica Phillips-Fein, Jennifer Schmermund, Cynthia Thompson, Jessica Weiss
Phase 3 performers: Xan Burley, Sarah Burke, Galois Cohen, Donna Costello, Katie Dean, Calia Marshall, Cynthia Thompson, Nadia Tykulsker, Nora Vidals
Music: Richard Einhorn "Voices of Light"
Costumes by Naoko Nagata