CYC/Cora Youth Company Programs

CYC/Cora Youth Company Programs provide Cora’s most dedicated and talented students in grades 4-12 an opportunity to study dance more seriously by learning and performing a wide range of works by professional choreographers. Chosen through annual open auditions, CYCs have three tiers divided by age and ability: CYC Tier 1 (Grades 4-7); CYC Tier 2 (Grades 6-10); and CYC Tier 3 (Grades 8-12). CYCs perform both locally and on tour 5-18 times annually, depending on tier, and have worked with a diverse body of choreographers including Nicole Assanti, Jess Burgess, Xan Burley & Alex Springer, Sarah Eika Burke, Maxine Lyle, Nadia Tykulsker, Keon Washington,

CYC student and family engagement goes far beyond that of a typical youth performing ensemble. Siginifcant assistance with performing arts middle school, high school and college auditions and applications is provided to students by CYC directors, Dance Education Supervisor and Cora’s Volunteer Education & Family Support Counselor. Staff provide regular one-on-one consulting session, group mentorship and training and access to partnerships with some of NYC’s top dance institutions to help families support students in carving out their personal path of dance study.

CYC is a significant commitment, challenging dancers to develop character, self-reliance, empathy and leaderships skills as well as dance ability. For a full list of CYC Performances and Events, click HERE.

CYC Tier 1

CYC Tier 2

CYC tier 3

CYC Program directors

CYC Extension Partnerships:

To deepen the experiences of CYC dancers, Cora offers the following off-site opportunities and partnerships for select students each year:

  • The School at Paul Taylor: The Paul Taylor School has become a standard of excellence in the presentation of modern dance in New York City and across the world. Cora offers placement to 1-4 dancers scholarships annually to take part in summer study and year-round classes with this internationally renowned performing arts center.

  • Gibney Dance Center: Gibney Dance, founded in 1991, is a trailblazing organization whose mission is to bring the possibility of movement where it otherwise would not exist. This two-location performing arts and social justice powerhouse is the central hub for established and emerging dance artists from all over the world. Gibney will be offering semester-long scholarships to 2 CYC or Apprentice students at its Chambers Street location, a one-on-one consultation with Gibney staff and/or artists and tickets to the Gibney Season.

  • Poly Prep Country Day: Cora Dance works closely with the admissions staff of the Upper School of Poly Prep Country Day to match talented dance and performing artists who possess outstanding academic records and citizenship to attend their esteemed school Poly Prep is one of the most elite and celebrated independent schools in America. Since 1854, Poly has graduated thousands of alumni who have become some of the nation’s leaders in the arts, athletics, business, science, medicine, law, government, education, philanthropy, and helping others. Poly’s mission is to prepare and inspire the next diverse generation of leaders and global citizens to act with intelligence, imagination and—above all—character.

  • Touring opportunities: CYC dancers travel! Sometimes just down the street, sometimes up and down the East Coast. In addition to 5-18 performances per year in local libraries, festivals, concerts and community celebrations, CYC annually attends BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange’s Teen Arts Conference, engaging and studying with performing arts groups from all over the city. Outside of NYC, CYC groups have toured to colleges, studios, theaters and performing arts centers in NJ, VA, and WV.

  • Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance Professional Apprentice Program: Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance’s Professional Apprentice Program is a select group of sophisticated young dancers interested in gaining the experience necessary to perform professionally. Apprentices annually perform a 3-4 night run of archived evening-length repertoire of the SH/CD and participate in select roles in new work in development. Apprentices tour multiple times throughout the year and receive first-hand experience of what professional company work entails. For a full listing of Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance professional and apprentice activites, click here.


CYC Program Gallery

Gallery photos by Chastity Cortijo, Shannon Hummel, Steve Pisano and Gaia Squarci. Headshots by Chastity Cortijo.