Grove is developing as an interconnected, communicating collage of bones, muscles, heart, and skin that plumbs how longevity is brought on by adaptability. Using the relationships between “hub trees” - organisms central to the receipt and distribution of resources in forest communities - and the silent, complex, massive underground networks that communicate and share resources beneath our feet, Grove explores what is visible and invisible, silent and shouted, subversive and front facing and how our willingness or unwillingness to share has infinite consequences. Grove is currently in development with professional dancers Rebekah Bono, Katie Dean, Kelsey Kramer, and Juliana Marsh and student Company Apprentices, Anais Dallett, Destiny Garland, Z’Yanah Gonzalez. Grove will preview in the “Halfsies” series as part of the UpRISE Performance Festival in February as well as at Dogtown Dance Theatre in Richmond, VA in March. The work will premiere in an outdoor venue in Brooklyn in October 2020.

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Current Project

gifts juxtaposes the limitlessness of our imaginations against the extremes of confinement. Sequestering dancers and audience in an intensely isolated location, gifts paints a harsh world where value is defined by circumstance. This latest evening-length work from the professional company, Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance, premiered in a sold-out 5-night run in January, inhabiting a 20 x 20 storage unit in Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Treasure Island Storage Building. Back by popular demand, this November, gifts returns to TI for an even more intimate encore run in a 10 x 15 unit. gifts is a stark reflection on the self-imposed anxiety we create when we isolate ourselves from people and experiences we do not understand in the name of our safety. In a stark white world (that is also blue), stripped of fear, free from danger, with all needs met, where everything is fine, gifts asks what we need to make us secure when we already have enough. gifts is performed by dancers Katie Dean and Kelsey Kramer with original score by Hans Bilger and costumes by Maria Kofman. For tickets and information on the November 2019 run of gifts as part of The UpRISE Festival at Cora Dance, click here.

Photos from the January 2019 premier of  gifts.  Pictured: Katie Dean and Kelsey Kramer. Photos by Steven Pisano.

Photos from the January 2019 premier of gifts. Pictured: Katie Dean and Kelsey Kramer. Photos by Steven Pisano.

“…a rare gem.” —Brian Seibert, The New York Times

“Hummel’s strongest asset is her ability to create a new world onstage. Communicating feelings through a set gestural language…was eerie to see. The evocative nature of the stage picture and the graciousness of the dancers was palpable through every second. A truly magical night of dance.” 

-- Annie Woller, EYE ON THE ARTS, NYC

Choreography and direction by Shannon Hummel in collaboration with Katie Dean and Kelsey Kramer
Original score by Hans Bilger
Scenic design and prop construction by Shannon Hummel
Scenic consultation by Scott Pfaffman
Lighting design by Severn Clay-Youman
Costume design and construction by Maria Kofman
Production & Creative Support by Nicole Assanti
gifts premiered January 22-26, 2019 in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Click here for upcoming performance details November 19-24, 2019.

gifts is available for booking with ongoing runs currently planned in various locations through 2020. The work takes place in extremely confined space and become site-specific to each individual venue. For booking information, contact Production & Creative Support Manager, Nicole Assanti at

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Current Project - Apprentice Company

Elsewhere is the third work mounted as part of Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance’s Professional Apprentice Program. Each year, an elite group of advanced students within Cora Dance’s education programs are chosen by audition to spend a year unraveling, restaging, and performing - both locally and on tour - an evening-length work previously a part of SH/CD’s 1998-present canon.

Elsewhere - originally performed by Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance in 2005 at Joyce SoHo - garnered high critical praise:

“Hummel’s Elsewhere is enormously sophisticated, from the nuanced gradations of feeling expressed - the choreography quivers with subtle emotions, like the writing of Virginia Woolf - to stage pictures that remain beautifully calibrated whether the figures are still or running amok. Do I hear anyone suggesting a Bessie nomination? (This) eloquent choreographer gives tough love new meaning.”

--Tobi Tobias, The Village Voice

Pictured L to R: (top): Z’yanan Gonzalez; (bottom) Rebekah Bono and Mateo Vidals. Photos by Shannon Hummel.

Pictured L to R: (top): Z’yanan Gonzalez; (bottom) Rebekah Bono and Mateo Vidals. Photos by Shannon Hummel.

The 2019-2020 reimagined version is performed by Cora Dance's Professional Apprentices, ages 12-17: Anais Dallett, Z’Yanah Gonzalez, Evangelina Vargas and Mateo Vidals with professional company member Rebekah Bono with an updated original score by Hans Bilger. Costumes by Juliana Marsh. Lighting Design by Severn Clay.

Both the original and the reimagined versions examine how we cope in the face of abrupt change to all we know and depend on. The work plumbs the duality of hope, asking whether it is better to remember or forget in order to survive. In the 2019 version, Elsewhere has looked to the current crisis at our border as source material, drawing on images, stories, soungs and songs of children separated from their families and exploring, how these children cope, connect and disappear into themselves to survive their current circumstances. Elsewhere premiers October 18-29, 2019 at Cora Dance as part of The 2020 UpRISE Festival. Click here for Festival info and tickets.

Common Dances

Current Project

Shannon Hummel’s COMMON DANCES premiered in September 2015 featuring 18 short works no longer than 7 minutes, repeatedly performed in over 30 locations throughout Red Hook, Brooklyn for over 100 short performances over a 4-hour period. Featuring a multi-generational cast of 20 performers ages 9-62 with varying degrees of experience, COMMON DANCES is a true community celebration of the power of everyday moments and movements to draw us closer.

Each dance, though small in scale, is the ticket to intimate spaces. Equal parts dance “scavenger hunt” and self-guided walking tour COMMON DANCES is Hummel’s love letter to the neighborhood Red Hook and its people and a friendly reminder to intersect.


Inspired by the ordinary, beautiful moments of loss, love, struggle, surprise, forgiveness and resolution that we all share, COMMON DANCES takes place on living room couches, park benches, at dining room tables, in church pews, bars, restaurant booths, hallways and even inside of cars.

Each short gem is an invitation to get to know all parts of the community on a broad, yet personal scale. From the hallways of public housing to bars, parks, cars and the breathtaking waterfront of Red Hook, COMMON DANCES challenges audiences to explore the entire Red Hook community, through its people and their stories.

Choreography: Shannon Hummel in collaboration with the performers 


Original Performers: Cora Dance Company Members: Kelly Bartnik, Sarah Burke, Katie Dean, Solomon Goodwin, Nadia Tykulsker; Supporting cast: Yancy Greene, Megan Harrold, Angelic Ortiz, Karen Ross, Sharp, Isabel Umali; Guest Performers: Stephanie Batchelder, Cynthia Thompson, Carolyn Hall, and members of the Cora Youth Company: Mykie Laidlow, Dontae McCoy, Phoebe Pfaffman, Claire Sifton, Mateo Vidals. Music credits and a full list and map of all locations and community partners available upon request.

Individual works from COMMON DANCES ranging in cast size from 1-18 people are available for booking with ongoing runs of specific selections currently planned in various locations throughout 2020. This work is highly flexible in the locations it can take place, is appropriate for all ages, and has often been varied and remounted in communities that include local performers with a broad of ages and abilities. For booking information, contact Production & Creative Support Manager, Nicole Assanti at


down here

Premier: 2013, The Cora Studio. Restaged in 2015 at BAM/Brooklyn Academy of Music

Performed by Katie Dean and Calia Marshall, down here is a dance of attachments existing because of, in spite of and within the compromises we make to survive working together. down here makes visible, with the help of hundreds of tiny silver dolls, the little scars we leave on one another in our pursuit of control. At its core, it is simply about relationships; to each other, to outside forces we cannot control and to our own power to knowingly and unknowingly harm and heal.

Photos by Steve Pisano


Phase 1 Premier: 2008, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Phase 2 Premier: 2009, Brooklyn Museum of Art and James Madison University's Latimer Schaeffer Theater

Phase 3 Premier: 2011, The Visitation of the Blessed Version Mary Church, Coffey Park and surrounding sites in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Choreography: Shannon Hummel in collaboration with the performers
Phase 1 & 2 performers: Xan Burley, Galois Cohen, Donna Costello, Kelly Bartnik, Calia Marshall, Tara O'Con, Katie Orthwein, Jessica Phillips-Fein, Jennifer Schmermund, Cynthia Thompson, Jessica Weiss
Phase 3 performers: Xan Burley, Sarah Burke, Galois Cohen, Donna Costello, Katie Dean, Calia Marshall, Cynthia Thompson, Nadia Tykulsker, Nora Vidals
Music: Richard Einhorn "Voices of Light"
Costumes by Naoko Nagata

Photos of Prey: Mauro Clerici

For booking or engagement information on these or any Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance professional or apprentice company projects, contact Production & Creative Support Manager, Nicole Assanti at