CURRENT SEASON: September 23, 2019 - JUNE 1, 2020

Registration for the 2019-2020 season is now open through March 1, 2020!


Welcome to Cora Dance! Classes will begin SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 and though registration remains open through March 1 , 2020 classes fill FAST so please register early! A complete schedule of classes is posted below. To register, contact Programs Administrator, Katherine Sing at, call the office at 718-858-2520, or stop by Cora Dance at 358 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

Tuition for all classes is pay-what-you-can. A $20 annual registration fee per family is required at the time of registration to secure a child’s spot. Thanks for being a part of Cora Dance’s Studio Program!!

PINK:  Youth Classes    BLUE:   Adult & Teen Classes    YELLOW:  CYC/Cora Youth Company Programs (by audition)    GREEN:  Professional and Apprentice Company Programs (by invitation and audition)

PINK: Youth Classes BLUE: Adult & Teen Classes YELLOW: CYC/Cora Youth Company Programs (by audition)

GREEN: Professional and Apprentice Company Programs (by invitation and audition)

CORA DANCE tuition rates & pay-what-you-can policy

TUITION: Suggested full tuition rates per class are listed below. If the suggested tuition is outside your family’s budget, simply name a tuition rate that works for your family and that is the amount we will anticipate from you for the year. No proof of income is required and no one is turned away based on tuition pledge.

BILLING: Cora sends quarterly bills for all pledged tuition due after registration. Pro-rated tuition rates are available for students registering after classes have already begun. Should a family need to discontinue enrollment for any reason, families will be refunded any amount paid for classes after enrollment is discontinued.

Suggested Tuition: $980 per Class for 1-year of enrollment/37 weeks ($245 due per quarter)

Suggested Tuition with walkover service from PS15 (see "Additional Services" below for details): $1,140 per Class for 1-year of enrollment/37 weeks ($285 due per quarter)


Before enrolling, students may take a one-time-only trial class for free. New students may register until March 1, 2020 when enrollment closes for the year. Priority for Level I classes is given to NYCHA and Section-8 families for the first 3 weeks of Open Enrollment. Registration for all other classes is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration takes place at Cora Dance, 358 Van Brunt Street. To register:

1) COMPLETE A REGISTRATION FORM WITH OUR STAFF. Call Cora Dance at 718-858-2520 or stop by the office @ 358 Van Brunt Street September 3, 2019-March 1, 2020 to fill out and sign a registration form. 

2) PAY YOUR $20 ENROLLMENT FEE AND NAME YOU PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN TUITION PLEDGE. All families pay an annual Registration Fee of $20 (due at the time of registration). Once your registration fee is secured, it's time to name your own tuition for the year!! NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY BASED ON WHAT OR IF THEY CAN PAY. First payment toward tuition is due by the first class.

3) START DANCING! That's it! Once your registration form is signed and you've paid your $20 Enrollment Fee, you're officially enrolled! Come to class and start dancing with Cora!

For more information, contact Programs Administrator, Katherine Sing, by calling 718-858-2520 or via email at


Beyond pay-what-you-can tuition, Cora provides additional SEA/SUPPORTING EQUAL ACCESS services to make our programs accessible to all families, regardless of income:

 - SNACK TO ALL STUDENTS: Cora provides a healthy snack daily to all students studying with us. Interested in being a monthly snack sponsor and feeding hungry dancers? Sign up to be a Snack Sponsor! Email Programs Administrator, Katherine Sing at or call 718-858-2520 to find out how!

 - FREE SHOES AND DANCEWEAR: Cora requires uniform dance attire through Eurotard and Capezio. If the cost of the required attire and shoes are outside your family’s' budget, let us know and Cora will provide the required attire.

 - AFTER-SCHOOL WALKOVER SERVICE FROM PS15: For students participating in our Monday-Friday Level I and II classes, Cora provides a walkover service to students attending PS15/Patrick F. Daly School. Parents must give PS15 teachers and office staff written permission for Cora Dance to pick up their child. Additionally, upon registering for dance classes,  parents must provide Cora with PS15 Classroom Teacher Name, Classroom Number and Child's Grade Level to participate in the Walkover Program. Parents pick up students at Cora @ 358 Van Brunt Street immediately following class.

- CYC/CORA YOUTH COMPANY PROGRAMS: For our most advanced and dedicated students, Cora offers three levels of pre-professional and professional youth companies. Chosen through open auditions in June, select students in grades 4-12 perform 5-20 times annually (depending on the group) both locally and on tour, work with professional choreographers, attend festivals and workshops, and receive group workshop and one-on-one support for dancers and their families toward helping students craft an individualized training path, secure spots in top NYC Schools, and gain access to college and professional career opportunities. All CYC groups have been cast for the 2019-2020 Season. Auditions for the 2020-2021 CYC Programs will be held Monday, June 8, 2020. For more info on how to become part of our Youth Company Programs, read here and/or contact Dance Education Supervisor, Rebekah Bono at

dance education program mission

Cora Dance’s Studio Program provides professionally led dance education and training to students, regardless of their ability to pay. Cora offers classes on a PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN basis, ensuring that everyone can access our programs and performances regardless of their financial situation. In addition, Cora offers a comprehensive list of SEA/Supporting Equal Access Services including after-school pick up, free snack, dancewear, shoes, mentorship, parent workshops, apprenticeship and internship opportunities, outside partnerships with other professional dance organizations and pre-professional and professional performance opportunities for the organization’s most advanced and dedicated students.

Through its company, school and studio, Cora creates exceptional dance experiences while addressing the impediments that restrict individuals from accessing the art form. Cora fosters common ground among diverse people, allowing all involved—artists, students, audiences and community members—to connect more deeply with one another through the arts.