Cora offers after school programming to Basis Independent Brooklyn students in several styles of dance including modern and hip hop. Currently, Cora is not offering programs in the Winter Semester. Programs will continue this Spring.


South Brooklyn Community High School (SBCHS) and Cora Dance began the cheerleading team partnership in 2014. Artistic Director, Shannon Hummel was brought on in 2014 to be cheerleading coach along with Solomon Goodwin, teacher at Cora. Together they worked with the team after school several days a week to teach Hip Hop choreography and chants, stunts, and side-line cheers. In the 2015-2016 school year, Hummel works with the team on Mondays to provide support to new head coach Dylan Turmeque in the field of chants and stunts.

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LET US PICK UP YOUR KIDS FROM SCHOOL! For students participating in the Cora School for Dance Level I classes, Cora provides a walkover service to our students for children who attend PS15. Snack is provided for those participating in walkover. Pick-up takes place from school at the following days and times:

Monday: Walkover for Modern students K-3 at 2:20pm

Tuesday: Walkover for Modern students Grades 3-5 at 2:20pm

Wednesday: Walkover for Hip Hop students Grades K-3 at 2:20pm

Thursday: Walkover for Ballet students Grades K-3 at 2:20pm

Parents pick up students at Cora’s studio at RH Ministries - 72 Van Dyke St. immediately following class.