TECHNIQUE/IMPROVISATION - led by Hummel & Company Members

Based on the company’s diverse performer-driven style of creating, building and affecting material, this class will focus on making strong, authentic performance choices. Whether performing highly technical movement or nuanced, naturalistic material, dancers will be challenged to transition seamlessly between these states with authenticity, clarity and a sense of ownership in each unique moment. Class begins with a visualization-based improvisational warm-up that focuses on deep attention to moving with, connecting with and reacting to other performers.  e class then moves organically into learning set phrase material and structures based on company repertory with intensive variation work, allowing students to understand how common material can be self- directed and personalized as a performer.



led by Hummel and Company Members

Students take a deep look at how the examination of timing, spatial relationship to one, and specificity of focus instills emotion and humanity into movement as they approach the repertory of Shannon Hummel/Cora Dance.  e vocabulary drops abruptly from gestural to full-bodied, emotional to abstract, underscoring that HOW movement is performed is as significant as the size, shape or virtuosity of the material itself. Students will and their own individual performance choices within Cora’s work, learning to trust their instincts in the moment and bring a fresh, enlivened approach to performing.


hip hop

led by solomon goodwin and sarah burke

Solomon Goodwin has been immersed in hip-hop, battling and swapping moves on the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn since he was old enough to walk. Sarah Burke trained as a professional modern dancer and physical therapist before coming late to the world of commercial hip-hop. Together they offer an exciting class that celebrates the undeniable confidence and intensity of this dance-form and challenges students to find confidence in their own performance point of view and dance training - no matter what its roots. Burke begins class with an isolation-based, full-bodied warm up before Goodwin leads the class in learning his percussive, idiosyncratic hip-hop style.  e class closes with improvisational dancing, led by both Burke and Goodwin, which encourages students to draw upon the material they have learned while opening up their own diverse training and personal style.



led by Hummel

Composition is a class rooted in an unabashed “hey-let’s-just-see-what-happens-if...” openness to pushing material to its extremes as a pathway to finding what speaks personally to each individual choreographer. Dropping the idea of making the “right” choreographic choices, this class structure is based on inventing, sharing, listening, experimenting, re-inventing, re-sharing, re-listening, re-experimenting, shi ing the extremes of timing, energy, stillness, and spatial pattern as a means of discovering moments that are personally compelling to each artist. By creating a fun, inclusive, pressure-free environment for making and sharing movement, artists leave with a sense of openness to choreographic “failure” as a stepping stone toward discovering their choreographic voice.



led by Hummel

Cora brings dance to many places and believes dance belongs to everyone.  is workshop focuses on how a site, environment or community can illuminate and enliven an artist’s work and conversely, how site-based choreography can reinvent and give new depth and meaning to a space. Beyond the examination of site-based work in general, this workshop can include community performance projects, allowing students and community members from both dance and non- dance backgrounds to work and perform with Cora’s professional dancers in community based events.