Cora’s 800 square foot rehearsal space is available for rental for rehearsal, performances, classes and events. Email info@coradance.org or call 718-858-2520 for details.

Cora’s 800 square foot rehearsal space is available for rental for rehearsal, performances, classes and events. Email info@coradance.org or call 718-858-2520 for details.

July 1, 2018, Cora Dance signed a long-term lease on a 3200 square foot facility in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn. In just under 3 months with support of pro-bono architect Severn Clay-Youman, pro-bono contractor Scott Pfaffman, 62 volunteers and $105,721 in donations we built a home and opened September 21, 2018 WITHOUT LOSING A SINGLE DAY OF PROGRAMMING. Thank you so much for your support!


After 20 years in temporary and short-term spaces, Cora Dance relocated to a permanent space in July 2018. Take a look at all the steps Cora Dance took July-September 2018 with the support of all or YOU to build our first real home home! Stop by 358 Van Brunt Street and visit us soon!




CORA IS MOVING to a our 1st ever LONG TERM HOME in Red Hook, Brooklyn!

Keep kids dancing for the next 20 years!  
Help us raise the $250,000 this season to renovate and relocate! 
Get involved! Click below to volunteer, offer in-kind goods or services, or donate!

Check back here often to look in on the new space and progress on our move!

Cora Dance is renovating and relocating to our FIRST ever long term home with a 10-20 year lease in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Hundreds of artists and students in our pay-what-you-can dance school will have a lasting home where no one is turned away based on ability to pay. Get involved at www.coradance.org or call 718-858-2520. Thanks!





July 1 2018 - Cora Build Out - Day 1!


We started with a completely open and nearly raw space,
a vision, and a lot of loving and helpful hands.

The journey begins! 

Architect Design by Severn Clay-Youman & Build by Scott Pfaffman

July 7, 2018

Week 1 is done! 

Cora has completed the first week of our build out
at 358 Van Brunt Street.
Who's building Cora?

Thanks to our volunteers!


July 9, 2018 - WEEK 1
We've got a sign!

Week 1 was the perfect testament to how amazing our Cora family is. Students, Parents, Neighbors, Friends, Neighboring Businesses, and Volunteers from all around got their hands dirty to help us.

Because of them, some of the items we were able to check off the list:

  • Floors were revived.

  • Office partition wall frames are UP.

  • Basement is getting prepped for our Teacher’s lounge.

  • And we have a donated refrigerator for our kids’ snacks!

We still have a long way to go and we are so grateful for all the helpful hands that are coming in every day. 

We love our Cora Families & Friends!

Just a few of the beautiful people who are helping to build our new space!  

July 14, 2018 - Decisions, Decisions...

Hmmm... “Sea Sparkle Blue or Ladybug Red? Lo Mein or Tacos? So many decisions to make!" We just love watching our Artistic Director Shannon mull over food choices and paint colors, in that order? 😆 #SmileSaturday has us full of cheesy grins as work is well underway at Cora’s new space. We got to check off some REALLY BIG items from our renovation list this week. Stay tuned for some fun reveals.  

July 19, 2018 - Walls, lights, a kitchen, oh my!

This Summer has been our busiest yet! We are truly in the home stretch now as we have approximately one month left for the build out and move of Cora’s new space. It has been incredibly humbling to see the community come together to build Cora’s new home.

Because of our awesome volunteers, some of the items we were able to check off the list these past two weeks are:

  • Office walls are completely up and nearly finished taping.

  • Additional lighting was installed.

  • Basement ceiling was painted.

  • Basement walls are getting prepped.

  • Our kitchenette was installed.

july 31, 2018

Because of YOU
we exceeded our $25K
July Matching Gift Challenge!


August 2, 2018 - We 💙 our neighbors! 

We know the people in our neighborhood are awesome, but this entire renovation and relocation journey has been incredibly humbling to see the community come together to build Cora’s new home! 
💙 Huge Thank You to @redemptionchurchrh , Pastor @edwinpachecojr & @fairviewbc for helping us move our stuff into our new space! 💙

August 7, 2018 - We're ready for paint!

What do Hush Hush white, Sky Space blue, Ballet Slipper pink, and Midnight Bayou green all have in common? THEY’RE ALL GOING ON CORA’S WALLS TOMORROW AT OUR “ALL DAY PAINTING PARTY” 9am-Midnight! Help us pretty up the place! 

August 9, 2018 - The Colors of Cora! 

On Wednesday, August 8, fifteen volunteers showed up to paint Cora Dance’s new home at 358 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
There are never enough words. 
Thank you for all you do for us!

August 13, 2018 - Working around the build! 

This year, Cora Dance inaugurates its first formal Gala with a special retrospective highlighting 20 years of Founding Artistic Director, Shannon Hummel’s choreography with the company. This is us, gathering together to chat and reminisce while we address the invitations for this upcoming event. So much is happening this season, and we could not have done any of it without YOU! 




August 20, 2018 -

Spreading the word! 


Every year Cora walks all the way from the front of Red Hook to the waterfront in the back, handing out 5,000 postcards announcing our classes and having our teachers and professional dancers perform for passers by. This year, we had lots more to tell the community about! 

Two of our ladies getting ready to invite the neighborhood to our new space! 

August 21, 2018 

Feeling grateful

August 27, 2018 

registration open!

We opened registration in our new home. And although it’s not complete, families are already excited about what the space is going to be. Stop by to tour the new school, register and say hello to everyone!


August 31, 2018

The people who built Cora

In the final days of Summer, the leaders of Cora’s Buildout Team - Pro-bono Architect Severn Clay (left) and Contractor Scott Pfaffman (right) chatting about the final details of the final phases of construction so that it all comes together for our NEW BEGINNING on September 21st! 

Severn, Bill, Scott

9-2018_Keon Happy Dance Mirrors_Cora.png

September 2, 2018

We Have Mirrors!

Around here, we take the phrase HAPPY DANCE literally. 😆

Our hip hop teacher Keon doing his happy dance because


Which means we are closer to our GRAND OPENING 9-21. So much happy dancing going on these days. 

September 3, 2018 - marley, baby!

Our Production Stage Manager Katie Houff laid out the new Marley dance floor with the “help” of Apprentice student Mateo Vidals. And then, some of our students stopped by to test it out!


shannon has gone mad!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need your help. Our Artistic Director has gone mad. She has taken a broom and a spray bottle and has threatened to tackle the last needed projects all alone, with no back up, no stopping for sleep, no water or food. We are afraid, we are very afraid that if we don’t get help - she is going to blow!  Haaaalppppp!!! :)

september 14, 2018

today was a big day

And on to the finishing touches. 
This has to be one of THE COOLEST captures of our new school renovation - our sign being cut!!!! Mike Drake, husband to Cora dancer Katie Dean, is making the sign for our storefront and here it is!

september 17, 2018

today was an even BIGGER day!

Our sign has been hung.

This beautiful creation was made by @mike_drake and @deandeandeandeanok

september 21, 2018

Opening ribbon cutting & community gathering

Photos by Steven Pisano